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If you're looking for a way to enjoy the summer months then you'll want to get one of our conservatories or sun lounges. These are bespoke and made to measure for each of our clients, ensuring a top quality service.


Our conservatory roofs have a full aluminium structure and are available in any colour shade to match the windows and door frames. Combined with self-cleaning and tinted glass, you are sure to get the conservatory you've always wanted.

Always wanted a new sun lounge?

We can offer you:

• Conservatories

• Sun lounges

• Conservatory roofs

• Self-cleaning glass

• Tinted glass

• Integral blinds

• Choice of colours and materials

Find the right room for you

Sun lounges are slightly different as they have the interior of an orangery but the look of a conservatory on the outside. This gives you a great way to add another room to your home that blends in seamlessly with your property.


We have a wide variety of styles and designs for you to choose from, just contact us today to start the process of getting your new sun lounge or conservatory.


Would you like a conservatory? Call us on

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